Thank you for taking part in this survey to gather insights and perspectives of the commercial property tax system in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Prior to completing this survey, you’re encouraged to review the information package for commercial tax policy available on The survey should take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.

The feedback gathered will be compiled and used to inform a staff report to Regional Council, which is expected to be presented later in 2018. Your identity remains confidential and only the feedback will be shared as part of the staff report.

* 1. Please enter the first three digits of your postal code:

* 2. Select the category with which you identify? (Select all that apply)

* 3. What satisfies you most about the current commercial tax system?

* 4. What is your greatest frustration with the current commercial tax system?

* 5. What key considerations should influence decisions regarding potential adjustments to the commercial tax system? (Select all that apply)

* 6. What problem do you think the current commercial tax system is creating for businesses that needs to be resolved?

* 7. To what extent do you agree that the current commercial tax system adequately addresses the following:

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree Do not know
Ability to pay
Economic growth
Escalating assessment values
Ratio of commercial tax to residential tax
Value for services provided

* 8. Please rank the following objectives, based on priority, for adjustments to the commercial tax system:

* 9. To what extent do you agree with the application of the following options:

  Strongly disagreee Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree Do not know
Building Area tax
Frontage tax
Land Area tax
Lower taxes for first $X of assessment
Maximum tax (per property)
Maximum tax (per square foot)
Special Business Improvement District tax
Special Main Street tax
Specific tax by zone (area of municipality)

* 10. What are important actions the municipality should consider in the short-term, respecting commercial tax, that would have an overall positive impact on business? (Select all that apply)

* 11. What other information may be helpful in providing feedback on this topic (e.g. additional workshops, additional content on website, etc.)?

* 12. Please provide any other comments you feel may be valuable to help guide the current work on commercial tax policy:

In accordance with Section 485 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), any personal information collected in this survey will only be used by municipal staff and, if necessary, individuals under service contract with the Halifax Regional Municipality for purposes relating to the review of the commercial tax system. If you have any questions about the collection and use of this personal information, please contact the Access and Privacy Office at 902-490-7460 or