Intent to Participate

Much has been written about the motivations and ambitions of different generations within the workplace. NALP has partnered with PP&C Consulting to launch an important new research project, Multiple Generations in Law Firms: Working Together.  Our aim is to test some of the conventional wisdom and attempt to surface what is on the minds of the law firm partners who are currently leading firms and the more junior lawyers who will inherit and lead the law firms of the future.

If you need more information about this project, please click here  to read the business case for your law firm’s participation. The survey design includes two separate surveys – one for associates and one for partners – that should take no more than 10-12 minutes for any individual lawyer to complete. To review a copy of the survey instruments, click here.

To obtain links to distribute to the lawyers in your law firm, please complete the short contact form below. You will receive firm-specific URLs to distribute to your partners and to your assocaites. Firms that have responses from at least 10 partners and 25 associates will receive anonymized sets of their firm’s survey results as well as the aggregate findings.

Question Title

* 1. My law firm intends to participate in the Multiple Generations in Law Firms survey. Please send me links to distribute to my firm's partners and associates.