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Hello! My name is Brandon DeRiggs and I am doing this research as part of my Masters Degree in the Organizational Psychology Program at Adler University (Vancouver Campus).

If you have any questions about the research, you can contact me or my Advisor.  Our contact information is below:

Student Researcher:    Brandon DeRiggs E-mail:

Research Advisor: Michele Vincenti       
Program: Organizational Psychology

Phone # 7789686084              E-mail: or

This research has been approved by Adler University's Research Ethics Board. Should there be any concerns, our contact person for the Adler Vancouver Research Ethics Board is Rebecca Bateman, Ph.D. Chair and she can be reached at the following email address;

This research focuses on empathy and fluency in foreign languages. For this research, empathy is defined as “the drive or ability to attribute mental states to another person/animal and entails an appropriate affective response in the observer to the other person’s mental state.” (Baron-Cohen & Wheelwright, 2004).

Empathy has been shown to improve perceived job performance appraisals and assist with customer relations.

We are asking you to take part because you are an ideal candidate for our online questionnaire.  We are looking for individuals who(se),
-Comfortable reading and speaking in English
-Aged 18 and over
-Function at some level of fluency (Speaking, listening and reading) in a 2nd foreign language
-Are willing to contribute to novel research in a growing field (Organizational Psychology)
We are asking you to do the following: 

-Answer the questions to the best of your ability
-Complete the Empathy section
-Complete the subsequent language proficiency tests (A link to the next test will be provided at the end of the survey)
-Read the debriefing and complete the questionnaire

Ex: Upon completion of the Empathy Section, you will be taken directly to the Listening Assessment. After completing the Listening Assessment you will be taken directly to the Speaking Assessment. And finally, once you complete the Speaking Assessment you will be taken directly to the Reading Assessment.

We are also asking you some questions about yourself – for example,

This research is anonymous and voluntary. Demographic questions will only ask about your age range, (Ex: 18-25, 26-34, 35-49, 50-65, 65+) second language specified, and country of residence. (IE. Ghana, Ireland etc.). 

There are no perceived risks for your participation in this study and as as a result of following the guidelines outlined in this questionnaire, you may be able to self-assess your own ability in a designated second language, which can be useful for your own purposes.

We are asking for [25 minutes] of your time. This time assumes full completion of the Empathy Quotient and the 3 Interagency Roundtable language self assessments combined. (A total of 4 surveys)
Due to the nature of Surveymonkey and the different scoring methods required for each test, each test must completed separately and you would be required to re-enter your email address after completing each test. 
(Prompts will be in the survey but it is strongly recommended that you complete the surveys in the following order: 1.) Empathy Quotient 2.) Listening Assessment 3.) Speaking Assessment 4.) Reading Assessment)
Upon successful completion of the 4 tests, a special link will be provided as an added benefit if you would like to see more writing from the Researcher in the form of free online fiction novels.
20% of survey complete.

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* 1. Do you give your consent to participate?