The Arizona Women’s Golf Association offers a Multi-Member Rebate Program for any members who belong to more than one AWGA club in the state of Arizona. The membership dues for each additional club joined will be $15, after rebate.

  ●   Secondary club memberships activated prior to July 1 will be eligible for the $15 rebate.

  ●   Memberships activated after July 1 are not eligible for the rebate since they are prorated.

  ●   A member who belongs to one 9-Hole Club and one 18-Hole Club is not considered a multiple member, and is not eligible for a rebate for either membership.

  ●   Rebate checks will be issued beginning July 1, provided full payment has been received from each of the member's active clubs.

  ●   All rebate requests must be received in the AWGA office not later than December 1, 2018.

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* 3. List all clubs through which you have paid an AWGA Membership for calendar year 2018.

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Thank you for your being a part of the AWGA.

Remember, if you your rebate meets the criteria outlined above and you selected to get a rebate, it will be mailed to you after July 1, 2018.