Thank you for your interest in sharing your views as part of the Mulgumpin Sustainable Visitor Capacity and Management Study.

The Quandamooka People are First Nations custodians of lands and waters within parts of the Moreton Bay region.  They also have more than 40,000 years’ occupation on Quandamooka lands and waters.

The Quandamooka People and the Department of Environment and Science jointly manage and protect Mulgumpin’s Gheebulum Kunungai (Moreton Island) National Park and Moreton Island Recreation Area. This means that Quandamooka Yoolooburabee Registered Native Title Body Corporate and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service rangers work together to manage and protect natural and cultural values, undertaking a range of activities including: planning, operations, fire and pest management as well as management of cultural heritage and visitor experience.

The Mulgumpin Sustainable Visitor Capacity and Management Study is assessing how to best balance visitor use, experience, and cultural, conservation and economic outcomes.

It is recognised that Mulgumpin’s popularity is placing pressure on Gheebulum Kunungai National Park, particularly in relation to cultural and environmental protection and sustainability. This Study will assess these challenges in greater detail and help inform future management and planning strategies and initiatives.

With this survey we hope to collect feedback from visitors, business owners, residents and other stakeholders with an interest in Mulgumpin to understand their perspectives and opinions on visitor numbers and impacts, infrastructure and facilities, current issues, future opportunities and potential management options.

The survey can be done in 10 minutes but we encourage you to take more time and provide as much detail as possible.

Your survey responses are being collected and analysed by an external consultant, TSA Management, on behalf of the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation.

This survey is confidential, and your responses will go directly to TSA Management. Read TSA's Privacy Policy to learn how your information will be treated.

If you prefer to talk over the phone, catch up in person or via Teams or would like to understand more about the study, please email: or call 0459 528 057.

Thank you in advance for your valued contributions.