Mt. Vernon is participating in developing a bicycle master plan that the Greater Egypt Regional Planning and Development Commission is facilitating on behalf of the city.  The purpose of the bicycle master plan will be to guide future bicycle improvements.  

This survey will be open until September 30th. 

For more information about the Master Plan, visit

Thank you for participating in our survey!  Your feedback is important.  The survey should take about 10 minutes, with an opportunity to provide in-depth feedback on many questions.  The survey aims to help identify potential routes, prioritize destinations, and determine other aspects of the plan.  The results of the survey will be available later this Fall.  The final Bicycle Master Plan is expected to be complete by late Spring 2024.    

Visit the Bicycle Master Plan booth at Market Days on Saturday, September 9th at Veteran's Park.  Come by and learn more about the plan.

Mapping Tool:  At the end of this survey, there is mapping tool to leave location specific comments and ideas on a map of Mt. Vernon.  To go directly to the mapping tool, click here.

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