& revive the Mount Baker Marathon as a 100 mile foot race

The Bellingham-Mount Baker Trail, a route that pays homage to the historical, environmental and geological significance of the region. Inspired by the 1911-1913 Mount Baker Marathon. Your support is needed to see that a Bellingham-Mount Baker Trail is built and the Mount Baker Marathon returns as a 100 mile foot race. The trail will connect Belllingham's new downtown waterfront to the foot of Mt. Baker's Easton Glacier. The 50 mile trail will follow in the footsteps of the original Mountain Runners. On August 1st 2014 Aaron Poh, Beat Jegerlehner & Daniel Probst in an effort to set this idea in motion succeeded in the first round trip run from the bay to the summit and back in 48 hours 17 minutes a distance of 108 miles. Building a trail and getting the Mount Baker Ultra Marathon off the ground will take your support. Once established the event will help fund the construction of 30 miles of new trail and cement Bellinghams reputation as a world class destination for recreation. Your signature will help relay to our elected officials and Parks departments that this trail and the race is important to our quality of life, economy and community spirit. You can help support this goal by signing the petition on the next page.

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