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Changes to your incentive payments
FSU members together have campaigned for positive change around incentives, knowing it was untenable for the banks to continue with product-based payments into the future. The banks are now moving to strengthen community trust in the sector, responding to the Australian Bankers’ Association review. FSU negotiated to ensure that any of these changes happen with our consultation; this is where we need your feedback on how these changes occur.

Changes to Customer Experience Incentives (CXI)
NAB is leading the industry with the first positive step – all Branch Managers, Assistant Branch Managers and Sales Team Leaders will be moving to a balanced scorecard approach from 1 October. Essentially, staff are moving to the Group Short Term Incentive program.

FSU Welcomes The Move
FSU members actively campaigned for these changes, because this is the first step towards rebuilding trust and confidence in our industry. We are particularly pleased with NAB’s assurance that this isn’t about cutting costs, and that it has reviewed individual TEC and STI.

We Want to Hear From You
To participate constructively in the consultative process, we need your feedback. You can complete a short survey here to tell us your thoughts. All individual responses will remain confidential.

This survey is only for NAB Branch Managers, Assistant Branch Managers and Direct Sales Team Leaders.

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* 5. As a result of the changes my TEC has been:

NAB Salary Ranges
Assistant Branch Manager - $77,382 - $94,578
Branch Manager Group 2 - $77,382 - $94,578
Branch Manager Group 3 - $92,414 - $138,622
Direct Sales Team Leader - $71,190 - $87,010

* 6. Within my salary range my TEC sits in the:

* 7. My eligible Short Term Incentive is:

* 8. This outcome is:

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We would prefer to be able to contact you about the information you have provided if required and to provide updates about these changes.

We value your privacy and commit to keeping your personal information confidentially.