Informed Consent Form for Participation

This is to certify that I agree to participate in research as part of an authorized research program of the University of Central Oklahoma, under the supervision of Dr. Alicia Limke-McLean. The purpose of this study is to examine nature of individuals' relationships and sexuality.

If I have a question about this study, I may contact Dr. Alicia Limke-McLean by phone, at (405) 974-5454, or by e-mail, at If I have any questions about my rights as a research participant, I may contact the UCO Institutional Review Board by phone, at (405) 974-5479, or by e-mail, at

Question Title

1. • For this study, I will watch approximately 30 minutes of a full-length pirate-themed movie and answer questionnaires presented online (which will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes total). I may e-mail the researcher following my completion of the study to receive a $25 iTunes gift card (while supplies last) .

• I understand that there is risk associated with participating in this study. The films used in this study are rated PG (mild action, rude humor, and some language), PG-13 (for action/adventure violence), and X (or XXX for strong sexual content, nudity, and language); thus, IT IS POSSIBLE I MAY BE EXPOSED TO PORNOGRAPHIC CONTENT that includes both heterosexual and lesbian depictions of oral and vaginal sex.

• I understand that I should use my own personal computer and network connection to complete this study (i.e., I should not use a computer or network that belongs to UCO or another organization).

• I understand that it is possible that exposure to pornographic content may contribute to potential relationship problems (e.g., by comparing a partner to an actor in the clip), self-concept issues (e.g., by comparing the self to an actor in the clip), and/or sexual difficulties (e.g., by causing arousal without providing opportunity for satisfaction). In addition, I understand that the information requested as part of the study is sensitive in nature (e.g., sexually detailed) and may make some participants uncomfortable thinking about or answering the items. Finally, I understand that it is also possible that individuals with histories of sexual offenses may violate the terms of their probation/parole by watching the pornographic clip (if randomly assigned to the pornography condition). 

• This study is voluntary – I understand that I do not have to participate and I may withdraw from the study at any time. I also understand that I may refuse to answer any question at any time (or continue to the completion of the surveys without watching the entire clip if I find it offensive) and will still be eligible for the gift card drawing.

• I understand that this study is anonymous – any information collected from me will only be used in an analysis as part of a larger group of participants. Moreover, the online data collection mechanism used in the study (i.e., will de­identify the answers provided by me, such that none of my responses will be linked to me. However, the researcher will know if I participate in the study if I follow the directions (provided at the end of the study) to receive the gift card.

• I understand that the researcher cannot refer me to anyone on the basis of my answers to the materials, but if I would like to visit with someone regarding sensitive or special concerns, I may contact the UCO Center for Counseling and Well-Being (for UCO students; see or call the Crisis Call Center free hotline at (800) 273-8255 (see

• I understand that I must be 18 years of age or older and currently in a relationship to participate.

I understand that by agreeing to participate in this research, I do not waive any of my legal rights. I understand that the research investigator named above will answer any of my questions about the research procedure and my rights as a participant. I understand that the research investigator is also available and willing to answer any questions I may have about the nature, importance, or contribution of the results of this study. I understand all of the above information and understand that I will not be deceived during the course of the study. If I would like a copy of this form, I should print a copy for my records now.

5% of survey complete.