AFF receives many enquiries from families about damp and mould in SFA and SSFA with families expressing their frustration at being told that the mould is caused by the way we live (the dreaded “lifestyle” word!) and that DIO and CarillionAmey never seem to get to the root of the problem and just treat the symptoms.

In 2013 AFF started a mould registry which now has over 1000 addresses on it. We would like to record the address of every house (including SSFA) that has mould in it; this will allow us to build up a picture of areas where there are clusters of SFA affected by mould and will also allow us to see when a family first reports the mould if it has already been reported by the previous family. This database has already given us strong factual evidence to take to CarillionAmey and DIO and as a result DIO have instigated a Mould Action Plan and have committed £6 million over 2 years to reduce damp and mould in SFA and have used the AFF database to pinpoint “hotspots”. We don't need your name but just the address and details of which rooms the mould is in and whether you have reported it.

Adding your address to our database will NOT generate a response from AFF or an appointment with CarillionAmey and we would ask that you report your damp and mould issues to CarillionAmey EVERY time it occurs so that they have a correct record of the issues in your SFA. AFF may pass details of the address of your property to CarillionAmey or DIO but will not use your address for any other purpose.

* 1. Are you reporting mould in your SFA or SSFA?

* 2. Address of property:

* 3. In which areas of the house is the mould in and what steps have been taken to resolve the problem?

  Location Reported to CarrillionAmey or equivalent Technical officer visited to assess Damp meter reading undertaken Issue has been resolved
Kitchen / Utility Room
Sitting Room
Dining Room

* 4. If you have not reported your mould, please could you state why?

* 5. If AFF need to gather more evidence on your mould issues and you're happy for us to contact you, please leave your details below. This will not generate an automatic response. If you have further information or concerns, please contact the AFF Housing Specialist, Cat Calder, on or 07789 551158.