The Office of Regulatory Services, together with the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Advisory Committee, is working towards a better system for regulating motor vehicle repairers to protect the interests of consumers in the ACT.

This survey should take approximately 10 minutes of your time.

* 1. Did you know that, since the ACT Government introduced new legislation in October 2010, all ACT motor vehicle repair businesses must be licensed?

* 2. When was the last time you had repairs done on your motor vehicle in the ACT? (Month/Year)

* 3. Did you use a licensed motor vehicle repair business?

An example of the blue sticker registered motor vehicle repairers are required to display.

An example of the blue sticker registered motor vehicle repairers are required to display.

* 4. As of October 2010, all licensed repairers display a blue sticker in their place of business that shows the Office of Regulatory Services logo and a large red tick.

Last time you had your car serviced, did you look for this sticker?

* 5. Since October 2010 have you knowingly used an unlicensed ACT repair business?

* 6. If yes to Question 5, why did you choose to use an unlicensed repairer?

* 7. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with your motor vehicle repairer?

* 8. Please provide comments on your rating in Question 7:

* 9. Please provide comments on any areas of dissatisfaction with your repairer:

* 10. Please provide any positive feedback you may have about your repairer:

* 11. Have you noticed any improvement in the motor vehicle repair industry since October 2010 when the new legislation, the Fair Trading (Motor Vehicle Repair Industry) Act 2010, commenced?

* 12. Please provide comments on any changes you may have noticed:

* 13. Do you think that individual workers in the repair industry should be licensed or registered in addition to the businesses that employ them?

* 14. Please provide comments for Question 13:

* 15. Would you be willing to have a supervised apprentice working on repairing your vehicle?

* 16. Where did you find this survey?

* 17. If you have any further comments about your experience with ACT motor vehicle service and repair providers please write them below: