* 1. I imagine possibilities for new products or services.

* 2. When I am involved in implementing new service or product ideas, I prefer to work on . . .

* 3. When creating new ideas for my business, I connect them to how they will serve me?

* 4. When creating a new product or service idea, I involve my customers.

* 5. When I consider new ideas for my business, mine or those from employees, I seek to understand what is in it for the organization.

* 6. To help my leadership team and employees to filter new ideas, we establish criteria.

* 7. When prioritizing to launch key project or product ideas, I consider talent resources available in the organization to execute.

* 8. The most important factors for creating a team to take an exciting new product or initiative forward are:

* 9. What changes are happening in your business that signal the time for new approaches, products or ideas?

* 10. Who are your key relationships to bring on-board with business critical ideas?

* 11. List the top three ideas you are considering.

* 12. What actions have you taken to explore any of these ideas?

* 13. If you've taken action on an idea, what did you learn?

* 14. What actions have you not taken? Why? Timing, Resources, Staffing?

* 15. What do you need to take action to build momentum or experiment with your idea?

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