WHO DO YOU LOVE?....From most loved local surf shop to the favorite Santa Monica farmer, we are putting the call out to discover and celebrate the Most Loved Businesses in Santa Monica! Which local business can you not live without? Who puts a smile on your face when you drop in?

Please fill in as many categories as you can. If you don't have a most-loved in some of the categories, you may skip them!  Be sure to also leave your email for a chance to win some great gift certificates from Santa Monica businesses.  The winners will be announced on May 2, 2017 at the Most Loved SM Businesses Awards Ceremony at Santa Monica City Hall and through the Most Loved SM publication by the SM Daily Press. Everyone who voted will be invited to attend.

Thank you for buying local + supporting our Santa Monica community!

* 1. Santa Monica Art Gallery/Gift Shop featuring locally-made products?

* 2. Santa Monica Auto-Related Business?

* 3. Santa Monica Bike-Centric Business? (e.g. bike retailer or bike-friendly business)

* 4. Santa Monica Fitness/Yoga/Pilates/Dance Studio?

* 5. Santa Monica Clothing Boutique featuring sustainable/reused products?

* 6. Santa Monica Coffee Bar/Bakery?

* 7. Santa Monica Happy Hour?

* 8. Santa Monica Farmers Market Farmer?

* 9. Santa Monica Farmers Market Prepared Food Vendor?

* 10. Santa Monica Hotel/Motel for a Staycation?

* 11. Santa Monica Kid-Centric Business?

* 12. Santa Monica Live Music/Entertainment/Comedy Venue?

* 13. Santa Monica Natural/Organic/Health Food Store?

* 14. Santa Monica Pet-Centric Business?

* 15. Santa Monica Restaurant/Cafe featuring locally-sourced ingredients?

* 16. Santa Monica Salon/Spa?

* 17. Santa Monica Surf/Skate Shop?

* 18. Santa Monica Tech Startup? 

* 19. Santa Monica Mural Located on a Business/Commercial Property?

* 20. Business with the Best Santa Monica Vibe?

* 21. Your Most Loved Business in Downtown Santa Monica?

* 22. Your Most Loved Business on Main Street?

* 23. Your Most-Loved Business on Montana Avenue?

* 24. Your Most Loved Business on Pico Boulevard?

* 25. Your Most Loved Business on the SM Pier?

* 26. Your Most Loved Locally-Owned/Independent Business in Santa Monica?

* 27. Buy Local testimonials:  If you want to tell us more about why you love any of the businesses listed above, please write in this box.  We will incorporate testimonials into our "SM Most Loved" newspaper coverage and press follow-up.  Thank you! 

* 28. Voting Validation + Prize Notification Details (confidential)

* 29. Please check here if you'd like to be kept in the Santa Monica loop...

* 30. Suggestion for a "Most Loved" Category to add to the campaign next year?

Thank you for participating in this fun competition! Please encourage your friends, family, neighbors + co-workers to also vote for their Most-Loved Santa Monica businesses. Voting closes on February 28, 2017.  The Santa Monica Daily Press will be announcing "Santa Monica's Most Loved" winners in May.  We would also like to thank the founding members of the Most-Loved Campaign: Buy Local SM Committee, SM Daily Press, Montana Avenue Merchants Association, Main Street Business Improvement Association, Pico Improvement Organization, Downtown SM Inc, SM Pier Corporation, SM Chamber of Commerce, SM Travel + Tourism and the City of Santa Monica. We LOVE our locals! To find out more about the Buy Local SM campaign & to view our 900+ active Buy Local SM businesses, please visit: www.buylocalsm.com. THANKS!

Most Loved SM Contest Rules:  The businesses with the most votes in each category wins.  Please also note that a business can win no more than two (2) categories. In the event that an individual business receives the highest number of votes in more than two categories, the Most Loved Committee Judges will review the results and award "Most Loved" to the two categories in which the business scored the most votes, and select the business with the second highest votes as winner for the third category, if applicable.  All finalists must have valid City of Santa Monica business license.   The winners will be announced in an upcoming "Santa Monica's Most Loved..." issue of the SM Daily Press and celebrated throughout the year by the Buy Local SM campaign, the City of Santa Monica and our local business partners.