Working and Employment in
the Neighborhood

Work habits and places are changing across the economy.  Larger employers are relocating to urban neighborhoods to attract workers who love such places.  Self-employment and contract works are often home based, or work from flexible “co-working” places that serve a diverse crowd. Keeping your neighborhood in mind, please rate the following statements.

* 1. I would consider changing jobs to be able to have a workplace in or near my neighborhood.

* 2. I’m happy commuting, but wouldn’t mind if employment places were located nearby.

* 3. Workplaces nearby could be OK, but keep them on main corridors, and close to MARTA or the freeway.

* 4. Small Scale co-working spaces, home occupations, or services businesses would fit in our community and improve the neighborhood.

* 5. I want my neighborhood to be a refuge from the working world. Don’t bring in new workplaces.