Diocesan Month of Service: Reporting Form 2017

We would love to hear about and see your service work! Please share your experiences from your Day of Service with the Office for Evangelization. Please fill out this form and share any pictures from the day.

* 1. Contact Info for person filling out this form

* 2. I am representing a:

* 3. What parish/school/campus ministry do you represent?

* 4. What is the city of your parish/school?

* 5. What was the date of your Service Day?

Date / Time

* 6. How many youth were involved?

* 7. How many college students were involved? 

* 8. How many young adults were involved?

* 9. How many adults were involved?

* 10. Briefly describe your project(s). What did you do? Who did you help?

* 11. What were the highlights of the day? 

* 12. Were there any challenges you encountered? Please describe.

* 13. How did those whom you served respond to the service?

* 14. How did this day affect your community?

* 15. Will you participate in the Diocesan Month of Service 2018?

Please share some photos from your Diocesan Day of Service. Email to evangelization@richmonddiocese.org or text to 804-489-0333.