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* 2. Please rate the quality of the educational materials that arrived in advance of the company's visit.

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Teacher Toolkit
Information Packet
Website: www.shakespeareintheparks.org

* 3. How well do you think the students understood the basic plot and action of the play?

* 4. Please rate the performance quality of the play, "What Country, Friends?"

* 5. If you used the Teacher Toolkit in preparation for our visit, how would you rate it?

* 6. Do you have any suggestions for other kinds of information/activities you would like to see in the Teacher Toolkit?

* 7. Please rate the workshops you observed

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What's In a Word? (Shakespearean Verse)
Costuming the Character (Costume)
There's Gonna Be a Fight! (Combat)

* 8. Please rate other aspects of the 4 workshops.

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Quality of Presentation
Instructor's interaction with students
Relevance to your existing curriculum
Student's interest level

* 9. What does it mean to have MONTANA SHAKES! visit your school? Please leave any comments or suggestions here. Is there anything you loved? Is there anything we can improve? Your responses help us hone the program and make it better each year. Thank you!

* 10. Would you be interested in bringing MONTANA SHAKES! to your school again next year?