For the past few months, Monroe County, along with its 30 municipalities have been in the process of updating the 2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan and the 2023 Update is now available for public review and comment. The plan focuses on existing and future buildings, infrastructure, and critical facilities that might be impacted by natural disasters. Ultimately, the mitigation projects identified and implemented will reduce vulnerability and enable communities to become more resilient to disasters.
The County profiled the hazards and their potential consequences that may impact Monroe County and its municipalities, identified assets that are subject to losses or damage, and estimated the potential losses that could result from each type of hazard. The County and its municipalities have also developed a mitigation strategy that includes the identification of hazard mitigation goals as well as a prioritized list of actions designed to reduce losses.
The County is now asking members of the public to contribute further to the planning process by reviewing the draft Plan and providing feedback and comments. The full, updated HMP is available for public review and comment at the Monroe County HMP plan website at

Please use this form to submit your plan review comments to the County. There is no limit to the number of comments you may submit; however, as this form limits the number of comments.  Please feel free to submit another survey with your additional comments.

Providing your name and other contact information is optional, and does not obligate the County to directly reply to your comments.

The Monroe County HMP Planning Partnership appreciates your interest and input to this planning process. Thank you.

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