Mojo Pizza Customer Input Survey

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Mojo Pizza is going into its 18th year of doing business in Oakhurst. A lot of things have changed in the neighborhood since we opened our doors, yet we are as determined as ever to stay competitive and relevant, and to model the business to reflect the preferences of our loyal patrons. Therefore, in an effort to get a clearer picture of what your needs are, you are cordially invited to offer your input on how we, as a business, can better serve the community, and give you the value and service you deserve when you spend your hard earned money here.

Please take a moment to complete this short 10 question survey. We will be taking your advice to heart, and striving to be the amazing establishment that our friends and neighbors deserve. We want to continue to be Oakhurst’s neighborhood pizza joint for another 18 years!

Also, in mid-September we will be closing the doors for a few days to accommodate the streetscape improvements in front of our building, and we’ll be using this opportunity to reexamine and revamp the systems we have in place inside the restaurant. Please pardon our progress as we work to integrate all the good advice we get.

* 1. Our focus has been on cooking as much food from scratch as is feasible. This results in better quality food but tends to cost a bit more.  Which of the following statements reflects your opinion:

* 2. We would love to increase our commitment to sustainability, offering locally sourced products, and offering more health-conscious menu items, and we would like know how you feel about it. Please check all that apply:

* 3. Many establishments are moving away from the traditional model of service staff relying on tips for their income. Paying servers an hourly rate, eliminating the practice of tipping, and increasing menu prices to compensate is a fast growing trend. Should we get on board?

* 4. What do you expect to hear when I say “Our Special right now is…”?

* 5. How long is unreasonably long to wait for food to be delivered to your house?

* 6. How long is unreasonably long to wait for food to be delivered to your table when you dine out?

* 7. How long is unreasonably long to wait for food to be ready for carryout?

* 8. For those of you who indulge in adult beverages, what would make you more likely to come have a couple drinks at our full bar?

* 9. Please rank the following aspects of table service in a restaurant in order of their importance to you. (1 being most important)…

* 10. What other input (if any) do you have about how we could do things better or deliver better value to our customers?