* 1. How many staff hours per month does your organization spend on phone or tablet provisioning, management, and end user support?

* 2. Monthly, how much money does your company spend per user managing and securing phones and tablets?

* 3. What percentage of your workforce uses mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops for business use?

* 4. Which mobile devices have access to corporate resources? (Select all applicable)

  Windows Blackberry Macs Android iOS Other

* 5. Are there policies in place governing the use of mobile devices?

* 6. What types of applications or data can are accessible via mobile devices? (Select all applicable)

* 7. Please rate the confidentiality of the information accessible from employee owned (BYOD) mobile devices?

* 8. Please rate the impact of unauthorized access to a mobile device.

* 9. Please rank the folowing concerns about mobile devices in your organization.

* 10. What measures, if any, are taken to ensure that business data on mobile devices remains secure? (Select all applicable)

* 11. What feature would you require most from a mobile management platform?

* 12. How many people did it take to implement company wide mobile device deployment and management?