Thank You for Your Feedback

The Missoula Community Foundation (MissoulaCF) is conducting its three year strategic planning process and we would like key community stakeholder feedback regarding critical and unmet needs, anticipated needs or ideas/strategies/programs that are in alignment with our vision of promoting and encouraging Missoula’s community vitality and wellbeing.  

Missoula community members continually demonstrate extraordinary talent and generosity. Yet unmet needs exist and traditional funding sources may be less available.  Missoula’s population is also growing and with that growth comes increased demands, e.g. affordable food, energy and housing, access to recreation and the arts, and great schools.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. The information you and others provide will assist us and we appreciate your willingness to help. Your answers will be anonymous. We will let you know the results of our strategic plan so that you can stay updated and involved in its implementation.  

Please consider your experience and observations both in your work, as members of our Missoula community, and as either donors to our mission or recipients of funds from the Missoula Community Foundation and answer the following questions or provide comments:

* 1. What segment of our community do you represent? (check all that apply)

* 2. MissoulaCF’s mission is to strengthen local philanthropy and support nonprofit organizations in meeting their mission. The Foundation currently provides support in its three focus areas, described below. Of the three focus areas currently supported by Missoula Community Foundation, which are the most compelling for your philanthropic support?

* 3. Comments on the categories listed in question #2

* 4. What needs and gaps exist in our community, besides direct funding, which Missoula Community Foundation could help address and are critical to Missoula’s uniqueness & vitality?

* 5. Please identify any specific gaps related to the boxes you checked in Question 4.

* 6. What are the challenges to meeting those needs?

* 7. Please elaborate on your answer in Question 6. Are there any current initiatives to address the challenge(s) in our community? Any thoughts on how Missoula Community Foundation could lead or become engaged in initiatives to address the challenge(s)?

* 8. Are there initiatives or programs you know of in other communities that successfully address any of the needs you’ve identified? If yes, what are they and where are they located?

* 9. As a part of our strategic planning process, we are considering launching programs in the following areas and would like your feedback. Of the three areas we are considering, which are the most compelling for your philanthropic support? (Please Rank in order of importance)

* 10. Comments on question #9

* 11. Missoula Community Foundation's unrestricted endowment is used for grantmaking to local nonprofits. It is currently at $181,000. In 2017 we have close to $8100 for grantmaking. In order for us to make a bigger impact, do you think we should embark on a campaign to build our unrestricted endowment?

* 12. If yes, what do you think our goal should be?

* 13. As a current or former donor, are there areas you would like us to consider supporting with our unrestricted endowment?

* 14. This Question is for leaders of nonprofit organizations: What types of knowledge, skills or support are required for your organization to be more successful in accomplishing its mission? RANK THE TOP FOUR TOPICS, #1 BEING THE MOST USEFUL. IF MORE THAN FOUR (4) APPLY, PLEASE RANK THEM:

* 15. What other feedback would you like to provide to Missoula Community Foundation as part of this needs assessment survey?

* 16. Enter your favorite local nonprofit's name below and they will be entered into a drawing to win $200! Rest assured, your survey responses are confidential. Thanks!

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