Program Overview

A significant part of the mission of The Council is to create opportunities for certified minority businesses both; Corporation to MBE and MBE to MBE. In order to measure and promote our success in this area we need your assistance in participating in the survey below. This survey will allow you to report to us:

• contracts you have awarded to certified suppliers
• contracts you have received from Corporate Members
• contracts you have executed with another certified supplier

We recognize that detailed information maybe considered confidential and proprietary and as such we have created revenue ranges that allows you to report your success without compromising confidentiality.

This survey will take less than five (5) minutes to complete however the impact to our purpose and objectives as corporations, certified suppliers and The Council will be invaluable.

We will be collecting data on a calendar year schedule, for this period please report full year 2018. Please report each contract separately, this survey allows you to report up to five (5) individual contracts, in the fortunate event that you have more than five (5) contracts to report you will need to complete an additional survey (a great problem to have!).

Going forward we will be requesting information quarterly and reporting them to our constituents via Newsletters, websites, live meetings and/or special events.


• Semi annual analysis report out to board and constituents
• Collection of company logos
• Analysis of Year over Year results to show performance improvements
• All contracts awarded will be acknowledged
• Top contracts (by annual value) will receive special recognition

Thank you for investing five (5) minutes or less of your time to help us demonstrate our value through the Mission Accomplished Program.