The Missendens Community Partnership(MCP)area includes the Parishes of Great Missenden (including Ballinger Common, South Heath, Prestwood, Heath End and Hyde End) and Little Missenden (including Hyde Heath, Little Kingshill and Holmer Green). The Missendens Community Partnership is a local area forum convened by Buckinghamshire County Council and attended by local county, district and parish councillors, along with representatives from Police, Fire and Rescue, and other public and voluntary sector partners. The Missendens Community Partnership meets regularly to discuss local residents' issues and priorities, which then help to make up the Local Area Plan. The MCP uses the Local Area Plan to help guide its activity and how it uses the budget provided to it by Buckinghamshire County Council. The last Local Area Plan for this area highlighted the following priorities:

• Facilities and Activities for young people
• Reduce isolation for older or vulnerable people
• Parking & road safety
• Highways, potholes & pavements
• Support to voluntary organisations

These priorities now need to be reviewed and the MCP would like as many residents as possible to help identify refreshed set of local priorities. Local priorities identified and funded the projects listed below in 2012/2013

• Health fair for older people in Missendens area (£400) and £400 towards information dissemination.

•Adventure Climbing Frame for Hyde Heath Play Area £2500
•Children's Playground Little Missenden £6000
•Building Community Capacity/Neighbourliness project for the Missendens area £3000
•CAB outreach work - community engagement for vulnerable people £1000
•Connect4 - playzone motor project. ( £195 returned on liquidation) £4000
•Lantern Club Holmer Green £1089
•PYCAG - Street Dreams Phase 2 £1000
•Marketing of youth activities Facebook page and website £358
•Prestwood Colts - Storage container for Sports equipment and apparatus £2500
•Provision of MVAS for use in GM area £5500
•Data Collection on speeding etc throughout GM £2400
•Contribution towards pedestrian/vehicle access improvements to Holmer Green Sports Club Watchet Lane £6000
•Widen and extend footpath at the railway bridge where it joins the entrance to GM station. £16756

Total 52903

A short survey has been developed by Community Impact Bucks in partnership with Bucks County Council. Following this link will take you directly to it

The deadline for completion of survey is 28th September 2013

Thank you

* 1. Where do you live? Please state village or settlement

* 2. Please state your age by ticking one of the following boxes:

* 3. What do you value most about living in your area and why? (feel free to list up to 3)
e.g I feel safe walking the streets because there is low crime and anti-social behaviour.

* 4. What do you see as the main challenges to living in your area? (please select from the list below).

* 5. Thinking about your answers in Q4 please provide specific examples of the challenges in your community.

* 6. Thinking back to the priorities listed in the introduction and your own opinions what do you think are the top 3 priorities that the Missendens Community Partnership should focus on in the future? (This can include new or existing priorities).

* 7. If there is anything else you would like to mention please use the box below.