1. Energy Efficiency

The City of Minneapolis is updating its Climate Action Plan. As part of this effort, the City would like to better understand residents' priorities and concerns when it comes to energy efficiency and transportation options. Please fill out this short survey. All answers are anonymous. The results of the survey will be presented to the Working Groups developing strategies for the Plan. Learn more about the Plan on the Minneapolis Sustainability website.

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The first part of the survey asks about issues relating to energy efficiency in homes and buildings.

* 1. Do you currently live in:

* 2. Thinking about your current home, what three things do you think would most improve its energy efficiency?

  Most Second most Third most
New windows
New doors
High efficiency appliances
High efficiency water heater
High efficiency heating/cooling system
Sealing leaks in walls, windows, ducts, etc.
Wall, roof, and floor insulation

* 3. Has your home received an energy audit?

* 4. Given the environmental and comfort benefits of home energy upgrades, would you be willing to invest in the energy efficiency of your home even if the savings from utility bills would take 10 years to add up to the cost of improvements?

* 5. Please rank the following reasons you might invest in an energy efficiency upgrade to your home.

  Most important More important Somewhat important Least important
Reducing my impact on the environment
Making my home more comfortable to live in
Saving money on my bills
Increasing the value of my home

* 6. What is the single greatest barrier you see to increasing the energy efficiency of your home?

* 7. Please choose the three most effective actions that the City could take to help residents improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

  Most effective Second most effective Third most effective
Provide information on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home
Public recognition for home energy upgrades
Offer rebates on energy efficiency equipment
Offer low-interest loans for home energy upgrades
Offer home energy audits

* 8. What should be the City's first priority when designing programs to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from Minneapolis homes and buildings?