Virtual Conference               
October 26, 27 and 29, 2021

Deadline for receipt of proposals: August  2, 2021
Minnesota Community Action Partnership is seeking workshop proposals for its Annual Training Virtual Conference.  We have a long history of peer-to-peer training so MinnCAP would like to secure a number of CAA professionals and network partners to provide training. We also welcome proposals from other non-profit experts that focus on, but not limited to:

Board Governance – board orientation, agency-wide strategic planning.
Human Resources – human resources, succession planning/leadership transition.
Finance – developing a long-term sustainability plan, diversifying funding streams to strengthen sustainability, and increasing fundraising efforts.
Information Technology – data integration, data analysis, dashboards, scorecards, data interoperability.
Diversity/Inclusion/Equity - any session dealing with diversity, inclusion and/or equity.
Leadership Development –emerging leader development, creating a staff development strategy. 
Accountability/Org Standards - mission fatigue, the inter-generational workforce, local theory of change development/implementation. 
Other - crafting attention-grabbing messages to promote the Community Action brand, developing policy priorities and an advocacy agenda for your CAA, engaging in media advocacy; Using trauma-informed approaches, Innovative strategies for addressing the community level change, opioid crisis, prisoner re-entry, implementing evidence-based programs, addressing food insecurity and nutrition-related health problems.
Please fill out the following online form before August 2, 2021. Please share this survey with other staff, agencies, or organizations that you would recommend for workshops at MinnCAP's Annual Training  Virtual Conference. Before completing the survey, please note the following:

All presenters who are also attending the conference are required to pay published conference registration fees.

This online form takes about 15 minutes to complete, assuming you have the items below easily accessible. Many fields have a limit of characters and questions with an asterisk(*) are required.

Information required for submission:
Workshop: Session Title, Description, Learning Objectives/Takeaways, Length
Presenter: Primary Presenter's Contact Information, Short Biography, Certifications, Name, Title, and Organization of Co-Presenters

All submissions will be reviewed by MinnCAP for completion, relevance to theme, and needs of the Community Action Network. Due to event space, only a limited number of presentations will be accepted. 

Please also note that this is a call for workshops. Sales pitches, displays, products, and service sales are NOT allowed in our sessions. Exhibitor space is available for purchase if you wish to promote your products and services. For product promotion opportunities or other questions, please contact Leah Pauletti at
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