The Colorado School of Mines is known for its historic traditions and campus, distinct graduates, and as a premiere institution of STEM learning. Mines, like many other institutions, is stepping back to reflect on itself in terms of keeping pace with educational shifts, advances in technology, global transformation through the information age, and changing competition, resources, and expectations. This committee is examining our campus, instructional needs of faculty, learning needs of students, and the classroom space where these three intersect for most of our formal learning experiences.

The physical space on a campus not only portrays the image of a university, it also presents the limitations and possibilities of the institution. Teaching and learning are a cornerstone of Mines. Our classrooms should be highlights or our campus space. The classroom features should provide rich learning opportunities and not be spaces that limit the interactions between faculty and students.

To this end we are seeking your feedback on classrooms across campus. You have an intimate knowledge of the space where you teach and can provide more details than we can gather through a walking study.

Thank you for taking the time to provide information about a classroom on campus. Your input will help inform our efforts to revitalize our classroom space so that it meets the changing needs of our faculty and students to promote learning.

You should complete one survey form for each classroom you want to tell us about.

* 1. What is your name, in case we have questions about your responses? (Optional)

* 2. What is your email address, in case we have questions about your responses? (Optional)

* 4. What is the room number of the classroom you want to tell us about? 

* 5. What are your general impressions of the classroom?

* 6. What is most functional in this classroom - what helps promote learning well in the classroom? Why (help us understand why you find this functional)?

* 7. What is NOT functional in this classroom - what limits learning in the classroom? Why (help us understand why this is NOT functional)?

* 8. What are features or functions that you would like to have available to you in classrooms at Mines (thinking towards the future)? Please include why or what each feature you identify will add to learning in classrooms at Mines.

* 9. General Comments and Notes

If you would like to tell us about another classroom. Please click on the "Done" link below. Then reopen the survey link and complete a new form for the other classroom(s).  Thank you for your thoughtful feedback.