Please answer honestly. Thank you!

* 2. Choose the most appropriate response for each item.

1. The teacher is enthusiastic about the subject area.
2. I understand what I need to do to be successful in this class.
3. The teacher is prepared for class and makes effective use of class time.
4. The teacher uses a variety of teaching methods to help me to learn the material.
5. I have opportunities to participate in this class.
6. The teacher provides a variety of different opportunities for students to demonstrate they understand.
7. The teacher gives me timely feedback.
8. The teacher creates a safe and comfortable environment for me to learn.
9. The teacher treats me respectfully.
10. The teacher does a good job of keeping others from distracting my learning.
11. I feel that what I am learning in this class is significant.
12. The teacher is positive toward the school and school activities.
13. Because of this class, I understand how the subject area is relevant to life outside of school.
14. The teacher naturally and regularly integrates biblical principles into this subject.
15. My grades fairly reflect what I have learned in class.
16. The teacher explains how assignments and homework fit into the learning goals for the class.
17. The homework assignments help me learn the content for this class.
18. I understand my strengths and weaknesses in this class and have a plan to improve my learning.
19. The teacher takes time to know me as an individual.
20. The teacher encourages me to understand and develop my God-given gifts / talents in this class.
21. The expectations for behavior in this class are clear and the system of discipline is implemented consistently.
22. I feel that in this class I am in the “learning zone” – the class is not too easy and not impossible.
23. The teacher has high expectations for me and helps me set high goals for myself.
24. This class has helped me learn how to learn and to think at deeper levels.
25. I feel that I can approach the teacher outside of class for help.
26. The teacher demonstrates a concern for my spiritual well-being.
27. I put forth my best effort in this class.
28. Students are on-task and attentive in this class.
29. The teacher uses technology regularly in class.
30. The teacher uses technology effectively to help me learn.
31. I have trouble controlling my use of games, the internet, and/or social media.
32. The  teacher effectively monitors and manages students' use of technology during class.

* 3. In a typical week, I spend _____ hours on assignments for this course outside of the school day.

* 4. My grade is closest to:

* 5. One feature of this class that has helped me learn best is . . .

* 6. My one suggestion to help me learn would be . . .