The Town of Milton wants to hear from you!

The Town is currently updating its Open Space and Recreation Plan. The Plan inventories current open space and recreation resources, evaluates community needs, and outlines an action plan for the next seven years to meet those needs. Updating its Plan means the Town will be eligible for state funding, which can be used for new recreational facilities as well as land acquisition and protection efforts. The updated plan will also inform the work of the Community Preservation Committee regarding recommendations for appropriation from the Community Preservation Act fund and the Town overall in planning for Capital Improvement Projects. Public input is an important part of updating the Open Space and Recreation Plan.

In addition to this survey, the Town will be hosting several upcoming public workshops to discuss residents’ satisfaction with outdoor open space and recreation amenities and future needs. At the end of this survey, please provide your email to receive notifications about these and other upcoming events as well as information related to the update. You can also find out more at our website:

Thank you!
What do we mean by "Open Space" and "Recreation" Resources?
Open Space Resources: Land that is protected from development in perpetuity. Protection can allow public access to nature (e.g., walking trails), protect water quality, or protect wildlife habitat (e.g., wetlands).
Recreation Resources: Indoor and outdoor facilities for recreation, such as playgrounds, basketball courts, ballfields, indoor gyms, and centers. 

This survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.