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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Migratory Bird Program (MBP) is updating its long-range (10-year) strategic plan. This short survey will be used to supplement information collected from stakeholders (State and Federal agency personnel along with non-profit conservation organizations) about their viewpoints regarding the major issues facing migratory birds and what their organization’s approach to these issues are. The information gained from this survey will be used to capture and categorize qualitative perspective from each region of emerging issues and challenges. The key point is this survey focuses on identifying emerging trends, issues, and partnerships for global migratory bird management.

This survey is being conducted by Group Solutions, Inc., a third-party assisting the Migratory Bird Program with the strategy development. Your input will be shared in combination with all other responses in a summary document and will be used only for purposes of developing this strategy. Individual responses will not be tracked or shared.

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