Dear Parents and Guardians,
Thank you for your participation in this confidential survey. Your feedback is important to us. We use this data to guide changes within our district to improve student learning, growth, and community building. We value the feedback from our community members as part of our decision making process. Please complete ONE survey for every child in your family that attends a New Haven Unified School District school.

* 1. Please select your child's school.

* 2. What is the grade level of your child?

* 4. My child has been designated

  Yes No
an English Learner
or English Only Student.

* 5. My family and or my child has worked with our school’s Family Liaison.

* 6. My family and or my child has received services from Union City Kids’ Zone

* 7. Please rate the support that your child receives from the school in the following areas:

  Don’t Know/No Opinion Inadequate Adequate Excellent
Organizational Skills
Goal Setting
Social Emotional Development
Future Career Planning
Life Skills

* 8. Please indicate your child’s basic technology skills:

  Don’t Know/No Opinion Inadequate Adequate Excellent
Basic Keyboarding Skills
Google Docs
Computer Literacy
Safe Searching- Digital Citizenship

* 9. Please list any suggestions to support /enhance our school's

* 10. Please list any suggestions to make the transition to middle school more successful.

* 11. Please indicate your level of agreement with each question.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
I believe this school is a safe place.
I feel welcome at this school.
The principal communicates effectively with parents.
The teachers communicate effectively with parents.
I believe education is important for the future success of my child.
My child has a set time and place at home to do school work.
I, or someone in the family, regularly helps my child with schoolwork.
I know who to contact if I need to connect to resources for my family (e.g., food, clothing, physical health, transportation).
My child uses technology for learning at home.
The school gives me the information I need to support my child’s home learning.
I regularly communicate with my child’s teacher(s).
My child receives the academic help he/she needs from the school.
I am informed about my child’s academic progress.
I know who to talk to if my child has academic difficulties at school.
The school has high academic standards.
My child is planning for a career and/or college.
The school informs me about community resources and after school programs.

* 12. Which teacher-school communication methods have you used this year? Check all that apply.

* 13. Does the school provide an elective that your child is interested in?

* 14. Does your child participate in any of these clubs or groups outside of class?

* 15. Our School

* 16. Our District

Thank you for your participation. Responses will be shared with our community in Spring 2018.