We are pleased to invite you to participate in a short online survey being conducted by ACIL Allen Consulting on behalf of the Mid West Sports Federation.

This survey is being conducted so that the Mid West Sports Federation can better understand your overall impressions of sporting events in the Mid West, and the economic benefits sporting events and sports tourism in the Mid West region. 

In particular, the data collected in this survey will be used to:
  • Determine the economic impact of sporting events in the Mid West
  • Help plan future events based on your feeback
  • Advocate the benefits of sports tourism throughout the region to raise awareness and leverage support
  • Develop a regional plan that considers and coordinates sports tourism priorities across the Mid West
  • Support future bids to host major sport events in the Mid West
  • Establish iconic sporting events in the Mid West that are both sustainable and ongoing.
The Mid West Sports Federation will release the results of this survey on an ongoing basis, including after major sporting events in the Mid West, and on an annual basis.

All of your responses will be treated on a confidential basis and all responses will be aggregated for reporting purposes. No data will be reported in a way that identifies the respondent.