Thank you for your interest in becoming a Foster Parent with the Tennessee Department of Children's Services. The first step is to take Parents as Tender Healers (PATH) classes, which will prepare you to meet the needs of children with histories of abuse and neglect. Classes are offered at no cost to you.

PATH training consists of 9 classes totaling 23 hours over a period of 5 to 8 weeks. Participants may miss one session if an emergency arises only. This class must be made up with another PATH group within 60 days of your Orientation session. All other classes must be completed with the original PATH group (with the exception of Kinship parents completing the Kinship Orientation with Kinship Coordinators)

* * * Participants who miss more than one session must re-start PATH from the beginning. All participants must start PATH by attending the Orientation session. * * *

Sessions in the PATH series include:

1. Orientation (2 hours)
2. Understanding the Child Welfare System (3 hours)
3. Impact of Trauma (3 hours)
4. Effective Discipline (3 hours)
5. Cultural Awareness (1 hour)
6. Expert Panel (2 hours) **combined with the Cultural Awareness session
7. CPR & First Aid (4 hours)
8. Medication Administration (4 hours)
9. Support Team Meeting (1 hour)

Please select the PATH training that you prefer to attend below. You may also view a copy of our state map to assist you with your selection by highlighting the link below then copy and pasting into your browser.

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