The Civil Service Commission is committed to meeting your training needs. The CSC uses the "on demand" approach for many of its training programs, meaning that we wait until there are enough interested participants on a waitlist for a particular location before scheduling a class. Completing the survey below does not mean that you will automatically be scheduled for the training. All courses offered by the CSC must be approved and paid for by your department/agency, so their approval will be required once the class is scheduled. Only those currently employed by a state department or local municipality in New Jersey are eligible to attend. Please complete the following survey and a Civil Service representative will respond to your request shortly. Thank you.

1. Please select the Microsoft course(s) you are interested in attending.

  Select all that apply
Word 2003: Basic
Word 2007: Basic
Word 2010: Basic
Word 2007: Intermediate
Word 2010: Intermediate
Word 2007: Advanced
Word 2010: Advanced
Outlook 2007: Basic
Outlook 2010: Basic
Outlook 2013: Basic
Outlook 2007: Intermediate
Outlook 2010: Intermediate
Outlook 2013: Intermediate
Excel 2007: Basic
Excel 2010: Basic
Excel 2007: Intermediate
Excel 2010: Intermediate
Excel 2007: Advanced
Excel 2010: Advanced
Excel 2013: Basic
PowerPoint 2007: Basic
PowerPoint 2010: Basic
PowerPoint 2007: Intermediate
PowerPoint 2010: Intermediate
Access 2007: Basic
Access 2010: Basic
Access 2013: Basic
Access 2007: Intermediate
Access 2010: Intermediate
Access 2013: Intermediate
Access 2007: Advanced
Access 2010: Advanced
Access 2013: Advanced

2. If you do not see the Microsoft course you are interested in attending listed above, please type the name of the course in the space provided below:

3. What location would you like the training?

4. How can we contact you?