The Civil Service Commission is committed to meeting your training needs. Please complete this four-question survey and a Civil Service representative will respond to your request shortly. Thank you.

1. Please select the Microsoft course(s) you are interested in attending.

  Select all that apply
Word 2003: Basic
Word 2007: Basic
Word 2010: Basic
Word 2007: Intermediate
Word 2010: Intermediate
Word 2007: Advanced
Word 2010: Advanced
Outlook 2007: Basic
Outlook 2010: Basic
Outlook 2013: Basic
Outlook 2007: Intermediate
Outlook 2010: Intermediate
Outlook 2013: Intermediate
Excel 2007: Basic
Excel 2010: Basic
Excel 2007: Intermediate
Excel 2010: Intermediate
Excel 2007: Advanced
Excel 2010: Advanced
Excel 2013: Basic
PowerPoint 2007: Basic
PowerPoint 2010: Basic
PowerPoint 2007: Intermediate
PowerPoint 2010: Intermediate
Access 2007: Basic
Access 2010: Basic
Access 2013: Basic
Access 2007: Intermediate
Access 2010: Intermediate
Access 2013: Intermediate
Access 2007: Advanced
Access 2010: Advanced
Access 2013: Advanced

2. If you do not see the Microsoft course you are interested in attending listed above, please type the name of the course in the space provided below:

3. What location would you like the training?

4. How can we contact you?