Parking Permit Program and Public Rule Overview
Metro is expanding our parking program to include paid single occupant vehicle (SOV) parking permits at many of our most crowded park-and-rides. We're accepting public comment on the public rule that describes the pricing, enforcement of permit parking, and requirements for permit renewals. The full public rule document is available to review online. Metro is accepting comments through Monday, February 18 at 4 p.m.

Metro's parking permit overview
Across the region, the busiest park and rides fill early in the morning. Travelers must arrive earlier and earlier to find a space, creating challenges for those who cannot arrive early due to work, family, or other constraints. It also leads to overcrowding on the service early in the morning and underutilized service later in the morning.

Benefits of managing our parking
· Customer experience – increased certainty and flexibility
· Equity – spaces available later in the day for shift workers, others with non-traditional schedule
· Operational efficiency – spreads peak demand (both time and location)
· Fiscal responsibility – revenue to support operations and maintenance, and possibly additional access improvements

Program elements
· Metro is implementing paid monthly permits at the most crowded (at 90% or higher average occupancy) park-and-rides
· Up to 50% of stalls at each location will be reserved for permit holders
· Stalls will be reserved up to a certain time in the morning, after which they will be open first come first serve
· If permits sell out, a waiting list will form based on the order in which applications were received.
· ORCA LIFT eligible customers can purchase a permit at a reduced rate of $20 per month.
· 10% of permits will be prioritized for ORCA LIFT customers
· Permit holders will receive a hang tag permit in the mail each month

Three-part pricing structure
· Carpool parking permits offered for free
· SOV driver parking permits offered based on local market parking prices and adjusted based on parking use, demand, and other factors.
· SOV parking permits offered to ORCA LIFT eligible transit customers at a reduced fee
Proposed Public Rule Overview

Permit Fees

  • SOV permit fees are based on $90 average market price for paid parking in King County; adjusted higher or lower based on:
    • Observed parking utilization: lower use = lower demand
    • Location along transit corridor: further away from downtown will be priced lower to incentivize accessing transit earlier in the corridor
    • Availability of very frequent transit service
    • Coordination with Sound Transit’s permit parking program
  • A flat ORCA LIFT permit fee set at $20/month to recover administrative costs
  • $0/month for HOV permits (same as today)
  • Prices may be adjusted higher or lower depending on demand

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Waiting lists
  • If permits sell out for a lot, a waiting list will form based on the order in which applications were received
ORCA LIFT permit targets
  • A target that 10% of permits are purchased by ORCA LIFT eligible customers
  • Waiting lists would prioritize ORCA LIFT eligible customers until 10% target is met for that lot
Permit Parking Enforcement
  • Citations for improper parking, invalid permit, on-time payment
    • First three violations receive a citation with $20 fine
    • Fourth citation and beyond = $20 fine + plus tow/impound
    • $25 late fee for unpaid citations
    • Fines and late fees must reach $300 minimum before they can be sent to collections
    • Non-payment results in terminated permit; if there is a waitlist the permit holder has one opportunity per year to renew if their permit and not have to go to the end of the waitlist

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