Metal Packaging Manufacturers to the Food and Beverage Packaging Industry-Thank you!

We need chemicals to convert many raw materials into packaging.  Chemicals assist in converting raw materials into consumer customer-ready food packaging materials.

Over 10,000 chemicals are approved for direct food contact worldwide.  Some of these chemicals were approved for use in the US over 60 years ago!

A lot has changed since then! 

We are assessing which approved chemicals are in use.  And, yes, you can help. Please let us know what is not used by taking this anonymous survey. 

-These are chemicals approved for use, and we just want to know if they are currently in use. 
-Information provided is anonymous.
- Anonymous results will be shared via trade magazines so your industry can see the results.

Thank you for completing our survey! 

Question Title

* 1. Please check boxes of the chemicals that are not in use in your metal packaging supplied to the food and beverage packaging industry.