Do you get frustrated when communicating about affordable housing? And, about the unmet need for it?

A small group of people in the Housing Coordinating Team have been exploring possible solutions for awhile and have some research and some ideas, for starters, but would like to have an ongoing, statewide, collaborative working group.  We would like to go over the results of this survey at the next HCT meeting on Friday, April 13 at 9:00am.  Click here for more information and to register for the meeting webinar. We will also offer a call to action, to join us at the 2018 Housing Conference for a session "Messaging: Using Montana Values to Explain What We Do and Why".  It is at this session that we will discuss why we encounter road blocks and ways to go around them.  We may also have the start of a toolbox of templates for various PR and Marketing materials that will be available to anyone who needs them. 

We believe that with the right message and with the collective power of all of us, across the state, repeating the same messages, that we can be heard and that there is hope that we can make real change happen.  Please help us understand what problems you encounter and whether you would be interested in working on a solution with our group.

* 1. Are you often concerned that your audience(s) do not fully hear you when you  tell them about the need for housing? Do you wish they could understand the importance of housing that people can afford, no matter what their income is?

* 2. When you want to inform or educate people about your mission,  what is your biggest challenge?

* 3. What works best for you now?  Describe your audience, your method, and why you feel successful.

* 4. Who do you interact with?  Who are your audiences?

* 5. Would you be interested in joining a collaborative working group that would seek best practices and solutions to share with everyone? 

* 6. What message do you wish could be heard?

* 7. Name  (share your name if we can contact you later about the work group)

* 8. Organization (we hope this helps us identify what you do and where you are located)

* 9. Email  (because we don't have any stamps)