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* 1. What is your age?

* 2. What Zip Code do you reside in?

* 3. What is your gender?

* 4. What is your primary mode of transportation?

* 5. Do you often ride a bicycle in Mesa?

* 6. In general, what type of riding do you do?

* 7. Which best describes your confidence level as a cyclist?

* 8. Do you wear a bicycle helmet when riding a bicycle?

* 9. Do you use the Mesa Bike Map to plan your rides?

* 10. Are you aware of or ever utilized our website ( and/or Facebook page (

* 11. Have you attended any free bicycle education classes and/or events offered by the City of Mesa?

* 12. How do you rate your level of knowledge of the services, activities and information provided by the City of Mesa Transportation Department- Bike and Pedestrian program?

* 13. Please tell us a little bit about your riding preferences.

  Yes No
Do you prefer to ride off-street (shared use pathways)?
When riding on-street, do you prefer to ride on streets with bike lanes that are separated from automobile traffic?
Do you plan your route based on availability of off-street and or bike lanes?
Will you detour your route to a longer route if it is off-street?

* 14. What design features would you like to see implemented? Rank your answers on a scale of 1 - 5.

  1 (not important) 2 (kind of important) 3 (important) 4 (pretty important) 5 (very important)
A. Bike lanes buffered/separated from automobile traffic
B. Colored asphalt for designated bike lanes
C. Two-way cycle tracks with barriers
D. Shared-use sidewalks
E. Bike boxes at intersections
F. Traffic signals dedicated to bicycles
G. Better crosswalk designs
H. Dashed lines to mark bike lanes through intersections


* 15. If you DO commute by bicycle or by walking to work/school, why? Choose all that apply.

* 16. If you do NOT commute by bicycle or by walking to work, why not? Choose all that apply.

* 17. What is your biggest barrier you encounter during your daily walking/biking commute?

* 19. Do you use an ALTERNATIVE MODE (any mode other than alone in a motor vehicle) of travel to commute to/from work or school?

* 20. If so, what is your alternative mode of travel?

* 21. If you use alternative modes of travel, how many days per week?

* 22. If you use alternative mode of travel, how many miles, one-way, is your commute to work/school?

* 23. Do you bicycle to other transportation modes (bus, light rail) to reach your destination?

* 24. If yes, is this transit connection essential to your ability to commute by bicycle?

* 25. While commuting by bike, what particular problems do you regularly encounter on your route? Rank your answers on a scale of 1 to 5.

  1 (not impacted) 2 (somewhat impacted) 3 (impacted) 4 (pretty impacted) 5 (very impacted)
Vehicles parked in the bike lane
Vehicle traveling in the bike lane
Vehicles not sharing the roadway
Non-bicyclists in the bike lane
Bikes and pedestrians traveling the wrong way in the bike lane
Worn out bike lane markings
Conflicts with right turning vehicles
Difficulty in crossing intersections

* 26. On average, how often do you walk instead of traveling by other modes? (Such as motor vehicle, bicycle, bus, etc)

* 27. Thinking about the past 30 days, about how many of those days did you walk?

* 28. Compared to a year ago,  are you now walking...

* 29. What is the main reason for your walking trips? Choose only one.

* 30. When walking in the street/on the side walk, do you typically walk...?

* 31. Do you feel threatened for your personal safety at any time when you walk?

* 32. Did you feel threatened for your personal safety because of any of the following...? Chose all that apply.

* 33. How satisfied are you with how your local community is designed for making walking safe?

* 34. What pedestrian improvements would you like to see...? Chose all that apply.

  1 (less important) 2 (somewhat important) 3 (important) 4 (pretty important) 5 (most important)
More miles of sidewalk/pathway
Further away from traffic
Better connectivity
Better Wayfinding signs
More Lighting along routes

* 35. How do you feel the City of Mesa Bike/Pedestrian Facilities are maintained?

* 36. Please provide additional comments if any.

* 37. Please enter your name and phone number or email address for a chance to win a prize for completing the survey!