Mentoring 101: Communication is key

Mentoring 101: Communication is key - Fri, April 14   12:00 PM - 1:30 PM in R3 303/305
Speaker: Julie Welch, MD, Director of Mentoring at CTSI

Join us for this informative session focused on mentoring led by Dr. Julie Welch, Director of Mentoring at CTSI.  Topics highlighted will include how to communicate effectively with your mentor, managing your work/life, setting boundaries and thriving in your professional work/life.  In this interactive session, there will also be time for discussion about communicating well, including tips and tools about communicating your mentoring needs and aligning your priorities.  This will be a great session for all postdocs as multiple aspects of mentoring will be addressed.  
Lunch will be provided to those in attendance.

NOTE: This session is geared towards postdocs!

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