We're so pleased that you'd like to be considered as a mentor for a Yale student. Our program, sponsored by the AYA in collaboration with our other campus partners, arranges for a Yale College or Grad/Professional student  (choosing from a pool of alums) to contact you if--based on your responses below--if she/he feels that you could offer them insights as they think through life after Yale.

Although we're confident that our program affords a great chance for alumni-student interaction--and we're grateful that you'd like to take part--we do ask that you keep in mind the following observations and caveats:

>In addition to our mentoring program, which is campus-wide and which has a life-coaching focus, Yale offers you many programs through which you can mentor students (e.g., our Medical and Law schools, and SOM and our Cultural Houses, each offer alum-to-student mentoring); you should feel free to choose among them

>We cannot assure that a participating student will contact you; not every alum who answers the questions below will be selected by a student -- in fact, it's possible that only a modest proportion of alums will be contacted (since students will be choosing from among a pool of hundreds of alums).

>By providing the information below, you agree to make such information (i.e., your answers to the questions below) available to students who are considering a mentoring relationship.

> You agree to keep in complete confidence any and all information that you receive initially and/or as the result of dialogues that you may have with one or more students.

> You acknowledge that -- as a precondition to your mentor/mentee dialogue, you  will be expected to (i) take part in an orientation call, (ii) confirm that you have read and understand orientation materials

> By choosing to answer the questions below, you to acknowledge that you have read and understand Yale’s policies on sexual misconduct (available at the following website: http://smr.yale.edu); if you have questions regarding these policies, please contact Stephanie Spangler at stephanie.spangler@yale.edu.

> You understand and acknowledge that this is an informal/pilot program; and that the nature of your possible dialogue(s) with students (and whether, when, where and how they choose to maintain such dialogues) cannot be predicted.

> You understand and acknowledge that of the utmost importance is the well-being of our students (they lead busy lives, and need to find their own way into--and out of--dialogues that may develop as part of this mentoring program); your patience with them will be crucial.

> Your feedback will help us.

> If at any time you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact stephen.blum@yale.edu .

I'm grateful to you for investing the time to answer the questions below, and hope to meet you very soon.

Stephen Blum
Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives (AYA)
Resident Fellow, Branford College