Please answer the following questions:

* 1. Mentee's Name: (Optional)

* 2. Mentor's Name: (Optional)

* 3. School:

* 4. Grade:

* 5. I find the time with my mentor helpful.

* 6. My mentor and I have a good relationship.

* 7. I know who to tell if I have concerns about meeting with my mentor.

(You can give more than one answer)

* 8. I look forward to the time I spend with my mentor.

* 9. Meeting with my mentor has helped me.

* 10. I feel comfortable with my mentor.

* 11. My mentor is interested and cares about what is happening in my life.

* 12. My mentor lets me know ahead of time if there schedule changes and they can't come to meet me.

* 13. Please tell us what you think of your mentor.

Are they nice? Are they easy to talk to? What do you like or dislike most about your mentor?