Thank you for applying to be part of our eWomenNetwork Member Spotlight. If you are chosen, you will be interviewed on our eWN Podcast Network show, “Spotlight on eWomenNetwork" by Host, Phyllis Smith. The interview will then be transcribed and posted on our EWN Blog, which will be promoted to our entire database. It’s our way of sharing success stories of our members to the world.

The stories we are looking for are “rags-to-riches” type of stories. Not necessarily poor-to-rich, but success stories with extreme personal and business journeys that will take the listeners and readers on a whirlwind. When it’s over, they will be begging for more!

The show is broken down into 2 segments. The first segment is a deep dive into your amazing story. The second segment is where you give your listeners some tangible advice with action steps they can implement immediately into their lives. 

But, of course there are limited numbers of weeks, so we can’t showcase everyone. We wish we could! So please take a moment to tell us why you think your story should be featured by us and what advice/action steps you can offer the listener. Please limit your description to 300 words.

Thank you and we can’t wait to learn more about you!

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1. Please provide your name and contact information so we can reach you if you are approved for our Member Spotlight Initiative.

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2. Are you an eWomenNetwork Premier Success Coach?

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3. In 300 words or less, please tell us your amazing journey to success.

Thank you for applying to be showcased in our Member Spotlight! If you are chosen, we will contact you via email with further instructions.
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