This survey aims to understand how cultural institutions and the performing arts are working with members, “friends of” or subscribers to enhance and support foundation and/or philanthropic initiatives. The ultimate objective is to enhance the sector’s understanding of best practice in relation to membership structures and philanthropic activities for The Arts.

The survey results were presented first at Culture Business Canberra. Based on feedback from this workshop, the findings will then be compiled in an Outcomes Report.

All participants that complete a valid survey and provide an email address will receive a copy of the Outcomes Report.  This Report is anticipated to be finalised March 2019.

To receive a copy of the report, a valid email address will need to be provided (at the end of this survey).

No information or personal data will be retained or provided to any third party and your responses will remain strictly confidential.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes. You are also welcome to share this survey link with any colleagues you think may be interested to participate, or share on Twitter / Facebook using the hashtag #museummembership.

Thank you for your contribution in supporting The Arts.

Dr Lynda Kelly, Director, LyndaKellyNetworks and Deanna Varga, Director, Mayvin Global