Your basic personal information.

* 1. Your personal details

* 2. Your education details

* 3. Your employment details

The following questions are the core component of the actual application. Bullet points are welcome.

Any text beyond the word limit will be ignored.

* 4. Describe your job. What are your responsibilities? Max 200 words.

* 5. Thinking about the year ahead, what positive social change do you hope to achieve through your position? Max 300 words.

* 6. What positive social change do you want to create through your career and life? Max 300 words.

* 7. Thinking about your personal life and story, why do you want to create this change? Max 300 words.

* 8. Describe a challenge your organisation or community is currently facing. Max 200 words.

* 9. Describe how you think participating in the Fellowship Program can help you overcome the above challenge. Max 200 words.

* 10. What aspects of the Fellowship Program are you most excited about? What aspects do you think will be most valuable to you? Max 200 words.

Participants in the Fellowship  are required meet all participation requirements.

Please make sure to read the Fellowship Prospectus closely, and reflect on the participation and behaviour expectations explained within it, before answering the following questions.

If for any reason you are asked to leave the fellowship your participation fee will not be refunded.

* 11. Please confirm that you have read the Fellowship Prospectus, and that you understand that failure to meet the expectations may result in you being asked to leave the fellowship.

* 12. Please confirm that you are available to attend all residential retreats, and that you can commit to attending at least 80% of workshops and seminars, and that you commit to completing the required reading, written reflections, presentations and team work (approximately 4 hours per week in addtion to seminars and retreats).

* 13. Finally, the Fellowship Program has a graduated cost structure. Please confirm that you have reviewed the cost structure, outlined on page 11 of the Fellowship Program Prospectus, and that you/your employer are able to pay the appropriate participation fee.

* 14. Please select the Program participation fee bracket you fall under. Note: all prices are exclusive of GST and non-negotiable.

* 15. Tell us about your experience seeking asylum and why the Fellowship will be beneficial to your work.