Researcher: Dr    Najmeh    Khalili‐Mahani    
Researcher’s Contact:    Najmeh.khalili-­     
Source of   funding  :    OFFICE OF RESEARCH, Concordia University
Media Health Laboratory studies the role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in healthcare.

This form provides information about what participating would mean. Please read it carefully before deciding if you want to participate or not. For more information, contact us at

A.  PURPOSE In the past few months, the widespread threat of the COVID19 pandemic has impacted our lives significantly. Most of us are asked to save lives by staying home, and internet and our screens have become the only window we have to the outer world. The purpose of the research is to understand which types of screens and and information technologies are the most important in these trying times. The ultimate aim of our survey is to understand which types of media stress us, and which types are helping us to cope better?
B.  PROCEDURES If you participate, you will be asked to complete a brief anonymous survey. In total, participating in this study will take between 3-5 minutes.
C.  RISKS AND BENEFITS The overflow of content about coping with COVID19 could be overwhelming. This is why we made this survey very short. This increases the risk that important questions about more important needs are missing. A survey about coping with stress can make you self-reflective and trigger anxiety about questions such as the risks of false information spread on social media, or inaccessibility of certain technologies. This research is not intended to benefit you immediately and personally. However, by participating, you contribute to understanding of the needs and priorities for deployment of media-based strategies for coping with social isolation during this pandemic. The free-forms in the survey allow you to share your concerns about stressors and coping strategies that are missing in this survey.
D. CONFIDENTIALITY This is an anonymous survey. That means that it will not be possible to make a link between you and the information you provide. The information in this survey is stored on SurveyMonkey which is a U.S. service provider. Confidentiality can only be assured up to the point where information (IP address) is accessed/ requested by authorities as per local law (ex. U.S. Patriot Act). We will publish the results of the research in an open access online journal.
F. CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION Participation in this survey is voluntary. You may stop filling the survey at any time by closing the window. Because this is an anonymous survey, if once you submit the survey, you will not be able to withdraw your responses. No financial compensation will be offered for participating in this research.

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