Please Help Us Make HUSD Schools Better Than Ever!

As we move forward with the HUSD Measure H school bond, it is important to the Board of Trustees, District Superintendent, and the leaders of our FMOT (Facilities, Maintenance, Operations & Transportation) team to ensure that these funds are used in the most effective and productive way possible. In order to do this, we would like to understand from you, what you feel about the current state of educational facilities with a special focus on your school or building in particular.

This is a two-part survey.

The first survey is general in its questions and short (about 7 minutes to complete) for your convenience. If you would prefer to provide greater detail to the district about your school by completing the more detailed 2nd survey, we both encourage and thank you for doing so with the additional link provided at the end of this survey.

All survey results are anonymous, and we thank you for your honest feedback.

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