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The Well-Being Partnership: Working Together to Build a Stronger Meaford

This survey is part of community consultation efforts for the Well-Being Partnership. The Well-Being Partnership is a group of local leaders from health, education, local government, policing, community services, child/youth services, and social services. In 2020, we will be looking at the risks that impact our community’s health, safety, and well-being. The Partnership will then determine what can be done to improve community well-being for the future, through the development of a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan. 

This survey will gather anonymous data to determine our community's past and ongoing experiences in regards to safety, health, and well-being. Survey responses will be collected confidentially and analyzed by the Plan Coordinator. All results that are reported to the public will have identifiable information removed.

If you’d like to learn more about the Plan, take part in a focus group, or would like to invite the Well-Being Partnership to come to your community group, service club, business, or local agency to discuss community well-being in the Municipality, please contact 519-538-1060, ext. 1110, or e-mail

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