#MeToo Women in Logistics Edition 2018

#MeToo is trending as more women across industries share experiences of sexual impropriety in the workplace. We suspect that Logistics and Supply Chain Management is no exception. All genders are welcome to participate in this survey. Responses will be aggregated for a 2018 summary report with no attribution to specific individuals.  We hope you'll take a moment to share your experience and perspective.  

* 1. Which of the following have you experienced in your career?

* 2. How old were you when your experience(s) occurred?

* 3. Have you filed  a suit or complained to someone at the company(ies) where you had this experience?

* 4. If yes, was there a settlement or non-disclosure agreement that required you to remain silent about the incident?

* 5. Do you think Logistics and Supply Chain Management is 

* 7. Do you think the revelations of #METOO are a 'tipping point' for real societal change? 

* 9. Would you like a copy of the survey summary? If yes, please provide your email address below.  

* 10. If you've said 'yes, please send report summary,' please provide your email address: (additional info optional)