We are excited to showcase Mayors and Town Managers from around the state!

The 2018 Indiana Bike and Walk Summit will take place August 29 - 30, at the Omni Severin Hotel in downtown Indianapolis.

The Mayor/Town Manager panel is expected to take place late morning on Thursday, August 30.

Please only nominate mayors or town managers that are currently serving.

* 1. Contact information for person making nomination

* 2. Mayor's/Town Manager's name

* 3. Mayor's/Town Manager's city/town

* 4. Is this mayor/town manager currently serving?

* 5. Are you able to personally coordinate the mayor/town manager's involvement in this panel discussion?

* 6. If not, please fill in contact information for the mayor/town manager:

* 7. The theme for this year's summit is "Leading Locally for Active Transportation;" in 300 words or less, describe what this mayor/town manager has done as a local leader for active transportation.

Thank you for submitting your nomination! You will hear from us in the upcoming weeks.

* 8. Please list any of the mayor/town manager's other relevant accomplishments or achievements.