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* 1. Thank you for applying. Please acknowledge PPL's Data Privacy Practices to begin: 

This Notice describes how PPL may use and disclose information about you that is private under state law. Why do we ask for information about you? We ask for this information to: 1)Work with you to meet your goals; 2)Decide if you are eligible for PPL services and/or housing; 3)Refer and/or help you obtain other services or benefits; 4)Receive grants, funding and collect payment for services; 5)Make reports, do research, do audits and evaluate our services.  Do you have to answer the questions we ask? You do not have to give us your personal information. Without the information, we may not be able to help you. If you intentionally give us wrong or misleading information you could be investigated and charged with fraud. With whom may we share information? In most cases, we will not release information about you without your written consent. We will ask for this consent annually. You can stop the consent any time, but it will not change information we have already been given with your consent. Can PPL share my information without a release? The law permits or requires us to share information without a release to the following: Employees, contractors, volunteers, or others who are working with us to provide services; In response to a subpoena or court order; auditors, investigators and others who do quality of care reviews or for legal actions related to managing human services programs or other legal issues; when an individual’s health or safety is in danger; reporting abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable adult; when you are sharing information within the welfare system as part of providing service for the Individual; personnel of programs that pay for your services; guardians, conservators or persons with power of attorney; courts, credit bureaus, creditors or collection agencies if you do not pay fees or rent you owe to us; anyone else to whom state or federal statutes and regulations says we must or can give the information. What are your rights regarding the information we have about you? You and persons you have given permission to may see and copy information we have about you. What if you believe PPL has violated your privacy rights? You may file a grievance if you believe your privacy rights have been violated. You cannot be denied service or be made the subject of retaliation because you have made a complaint. If you believe that PPL has violated your privacy rights, you can contact: PPL Privacy Official – Chief Financial Officer at 1035 E. Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN  55404.