* 1. Contact Email Address:

* 2. Company Name:

* 3. Contact Name:

* 4. Current Maximo Version?

* 5. What Maximo products does your organization currently utilize? Check all that apply.

* 6. Total Number of Active Maximo Users?

* 7. Which Integrated Maximo Report application do you use? Check all that apply.

* 8. What Database software and release number is your Maximo running on (Oracle, SQL Server or DB2)?

* 9. Are you using WebSphere or WebLogic? What Version?

* 10. How many Maximo production instances are running?

* 11. Please provide the size of the Maximo production database(s) in Gigabytes.

* 12. Are Linked/Attached Documents used with Maximo? If “yes”, please provide an estimate of the amount of space being utilized to store said documents.                                                                                     

* 13. To what extent has Maximo been customized (screens, tables, fields, etc)?

* 14. Are there any Maximo Workflows currently in use? Please describe.

* 15. Are there any integrations with Maximo and 3rd Party applications (such as Purchasing system) that are currently in use? 

* 16. Are there any add-ons such as Maximo Scheduler, Maximo Anywhere, Syclo, DataSplice (or other mobile solutions)? Please identify the application and number of users for each.

* 17. Are you considering moving your Maximo to a secure cloud environment?

* 18. Do you have an existing archiving strategy for your Maximo data?

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