MaxDelivery recently redesigned its web site to try to make it quicker and easier for our customers to shop for their everyday needs. We'd appreciate any feedback you can give regarding the new site.

* 1. Please rate the ease of use of the new site compared to the original in the following areas:

  Much Worse About The Same Much Better N/A
Overall Usability
Menu Navigation
Category Pages
Search Pages
My List Pages
Help Pages
Shopping Cart
My Account

* 2. What did you particularly like/dislike about the new site design?

* 3. What did you think about the following features?

  Liked Did Not Like Did Not Care Did Not Notice
New Products on sidebar
On Sale Products on sidebar
"Checkmark" on product when added to cart
My Favorites list on the Left Bar
Left Bar with expandable sub-categories
Chat Link on Top of Page
New Logo

* 4. What browser/operating system are you using?

* 5. Any additional comments/feedback about the website redesign or MaxDelivery in general? Please be as specific as possible so we can try to correct/fix the issue.

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